the Salad Shack

Lettuce feed you healthy, on the go, wherever!

At the Salad Shack, our goal is to help you eat healthy. Our quick-service style allows us to let you get your order for pick-up and delivery.

Our catering services take that to the next level and will even help keep you and those in your life eating healthy at the workplace, special event, or even our local Kitsap Fair, Viking Fest, and Whaling Days.

What you can expect...

When this restaurant was starting, it was nothing more than a tent-booth, set-up and taken down almost, if not, daily. The catering experience takes us back to our roots and allows the company to do business like it did when it started. With experience as sidewalk stands and fair stands, you can rely on us to:

  • Maintain service area including set-up and breakdown.
  • Provide food and drink to a large group.
  • Provide eating utensils and other kitchen-ware.
  • Dress accordingly.

Just to name a few of our quality focuses. This does not even touch on our restaurant skills and quality focuses like:

  • Seating charts and arrangements.
  • Ensuring guests have fresh, filled beverages and are served accordingly.
  • Bussing dishes after guests have finished.

Everything has a limit...

We're sure you understand that limitations exist, and we strive to ensure that it's not the bar that's lowered, it's the limitation that is hit.

With that said, here is an idea of what could be just too much for us:

  • 150+ people
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Over 50 miles

Everybody has their role...

Of course, we also have our expectations for this service. Nothing too resentful, but certainly you agree that business is about stability.

  • We do not cater over $150 worth of product without payment upfront.
  • We will not deliver food unless we are the catering event.
  • We will need at least  x  cubic feet of space to work with.